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If you’ve never been exposed to New Covenant Grace, the gospel preached by Paul the Apostle in its pure, undiluted form, this website might offend and possibly even anger you. The Gospel of Grace has been outlawed and frowned upon by most organized religious institutions. But there is a generation of believers rising up in the earth whose eyes are opening to the truth of New Covenant Grace – a wave of people who have grown fed up with the way that the good news is preached with some guilt and manipulation mixed in. Many believers’ entire lives are reduced to nothing more than a sin management program, running the endless treadmill of trying to please God by doing more for Him or trying to sin less. 


If you believe the Bible is the inspired record of God to mankind, and you have been battling to make sense of this often misunderstood book, this website is finally a place where you can kick off your shoes, lean back and breathe in the good news. The Bible can be one of the most dangerous books in the world, if not read through the lenses of the finished work of the cross.


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Here at New Covenant Grace it is all about viewing the Bible through the lenses of what Christ accomplished at the cross, where everything changed! Our main focus is to reveal the goodness of God, revealed through the ultimate sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ, on our behalf. 

G – God’s

R – Redemption

A – At

C – Christ’s

E– Expense


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Disclaimer: At the bottom of this page we are linking to other recognised ministries that focus on God’s grace and the new covenant. This does not mean that we necessarily agree with everything they teach; neither does it mean that they necessarily agree with us on everything. We believe in “academic freedom” and differences of opinion among grace preachers. We should all keep an open mind, be willing to change, and in humility recognise that we all are dependent on the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth. New Covenant Grace is a teaching resource owned by GraceLove Ministries International. Our statement of faith can be found here.